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Welcome to Tadfield Traditions direct shopping. If you see an item that you are interested in, please email me with the item number to check availability. Most items are cross-posted to other sale sites and may have been sold. I will do my best to remove items as soon as they sell. Shipping will be calculated from 02740. Payment is only accepted through Paypal. Once you commit to buying something, I will email you an invoice.

B003 - Set of 7 Vintage Greeting Cards
$5 plus shipping

B081 - Vintage Honeycomb Turkey
$9 plus shipping

B130 - 7" Red Egg-Carton Santa, 1940s
$30 plus shipping

B135 - Mid-century Porcelain Egg Box
$5 plus shipping

B047 - Set of 3 ceramic angels & baby Jesus
$12 plus shipping

B088 - Set of 15 Flame Bulbs and Cord
$35 plus shipping

B131 - 9" Egg-carton Santa, 1920s
$85 plus shipping