This is a set of 30 Moravian Star ornaments, also known as Froebel Stars. They are woven from gold, silver, green, red, and white strips of pearlized paper. There are 6 of each color for a total of 30 stars. Use them all at Christmas and then break out the red and white ones for Valentine's Day and the green and white ones for St. Patrick's Day! They are 1" across and have a thread loop for hanging or taping to a gift. Wonderful when shown off as a group or as individual accents. The ones in the pictures are from an earlier set that has already been sold. You will receive a set that looks just like it, in a sturdy storage box. The tree is not included, just one of my favorite ways of displaying them. These stars are often used as ornaments on a Christmas tree, wreath, garland, or mobile. I'd love to hear how you use them!


History: This pattern is generally credited to a 19th century German educator named Frederick Froebel; the man who also came up with the concept of kindergarten! While the ornament pre-dates Froebel, he wrote it up and disseminated it and it usually bears his name. I learned it as "Moravian Star," but it has also appeared as Advent star, Danish star, German star, Nordic star, Pennsylvanian star, Polish star, Swedish star, and Christmas star. Early versions were often dipped in wax to help preserve the paper which, at the time, was expensive. Personally, I don't care for the effect it has on the appearance so I don't do this. I would never sell things that I wouldn't use in my own home.

Set of 30 Moravian Stars in Shiny Christmas Colors

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